Hope sounding sad

May 29, 2018
Kutcha Edwards is singing at Fed Square in Melbourne today at lunchtime, as part of  Reconciliation Week.
His song Hope   is possibly the most beautiful and saddest song about resilience I know. A song, not about politics in the classic sense, but about domestic abuse, a different context of power, but one we need to understand with greater honesty and responsibility for how we think about human-ing together full stop.
But Hope.
Hope doesn’t always look strident or peppy or brazen or inspirational.
Hope often doesn’t  feel great.
Sometimes hope comes from a place so deep and sacred,
it holds gentle quiet and respect for the griefs it needs to mourn on the way forward.
Hope contends with the past in the light of the future.
Despair contends with the future in the light of the past.
In the present, they can feel so alike – both contending, both struggling.
We stand in this present moment with all who despair and hope.
As we stand in Hope, this present moment may be a bridge to things put-to-right.
Hope humbles us. It holds a future put right, so large that we know we cannot quick fix it to save our faces.
Hope holds us humble in its own immensity.
For the followers of Jesus – we stand in hope that defines the work of God in the world as reconciliation – things put-to-right.
And so we must contend with the past.
with all our sorry;
with all out not ok;
with all our owning up;
with all our listening;
with all our tell it straight like it was;
with all our what do we need to change now
with all hope and humility.

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