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How does this work again?

February 24, 2018

they often take the time to tell

me that I should be bound for hell

but that you suffered in my place

and I am free  and all is grace

but if you were pierced instead of me

then what can all this pained life be?


they preach profoundly all again

that peace is made from your dark pain

they proud declare your death atones

so we put down our judgement stones

but if you were violenced for our strife

then what means all this warring life?


they have oft this promise made

that all my devil’s debt is paid

your body bruised an offering stands

and we can come with empty hands

but if you were slaughtered in our stead

why are children trafficked and dead?


O God of wounds the story goes

that you took all our griefs and woes

they make each dogma point in fact

the substitution was exact

but though you have our horrors borne

our pained heart’s path is freshly worn


they sing such hymns – Amazing Grace!

yet tell me that you took my place

all sin is vanquished; all is done!

but if you have death’s victory won

why are we so often stunned

by schools so bloodied; children gunned?


My God


Slave trader ledger 1844-54

my God



why have you


or was our


accounting ledger



The suffering God makes no cheap deal


there’s no exchange – our woes are real

brutality still has its tools


taken up by hands of fools

And Grace sings no escapist myth

God’s life pours love in suffering with

and will not let there be quick wins


and easy wiping over sins

no cover ups, no never tell

false rightness can go straight to hell

Can  all in  all be reconciled –

evil despot, slaughtered child?


when all confess all out all told

all kneeled all equaled all one pure gold

all things in God to fullness come

all known, all loved, all whole – shalom.





February 13, 2018

my legs dangle over the edge

here I sit

right out on the precipice

the edge of uncertainty

my mind dangles over the edge

the edge of uncertainty

I must have walked out here

but i don’t remember

doing it

how did I do that?

I guess I was so distracted by the terror

so now sitting here

on the edge

staring into thin clear air

that goes on and on and on

right out to a distant horizon

where the world does not so much end

but melts or fades

or – so I’ve heard – merely turns a gentle curve

right out on the distant horizon

and right up through stratospheres beyond

and down

but best not look down

this is the edge

the edge of uncertainty

don’t look down

because down is certain

down there

– you could go there

but it’s certain.


death is certain.

don’t look down

down there is death

and death is certain


what you want

is uncertain

what you want, woman –



all of life is uncertain



the uncertain life of faith

the uncertain life of humility

death is certain

but it is hubris

you want life

you want this uncertain view

this long distant open whatever

the whatever of hope

the uncertain of hope

the uncertain of life

so don’t look down

you know what’s down there anyhow

look out

look straight out

straight in front of you

into the clear

straight into you know not what

into uncertain

straight into the face of faith

or is it a gentle curve away?

I’m not certain.