June 5, 2017
what time is it?
broken clock
time for terror?
time for fear?
time for outrage?
time for courage?
time to question?
time to investigate?
time to interrogate?
time to examine our lives?
time to bind wounds?
time to bind the strongman?
time to bind and band and bond together?
time to redouble our strength?
time to declare war?
time to pray for peace?
time to work for peace?
time to ask what makes for war?
time to find some heroes?
time to name some villains?
time to valorise the victims?
time to catch the culprits?
time to be sure we know the difference…
time to sort the sheep from the goats,
the wheat from the chaff
to eat the middle fruit and know good and evil?
time to know our own selves?
time for emotional speeches?
time to show compassion for the bereaved?
time to show compassion for all?
time to hug our children tightly?
time to love our enemies?
time to reread our history?
time to tell our stories?
time to check our facts?
time to check facebook?
time to face facts?
time to shake our heads in bewilderment?
time to nod our heads in certainty?
time to turn our heads and look?
time to hang our heads in shame?
time to bow our heads in humble prayer?
time to accuse?
time to refuse rumour?
not time to use humour?
time to legislate?
time to lynch?
time to listen?
time to love?
time to fortify?
time to forge ahead?
time to forgive?
too soon?
what time is it now, then?

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