The Borders of Heartland – a new creation prayer

March 21, 2017

O God

you have given us large hearts for loving

in the likeness of your own

seeming strong hearts, patient, forbearing hearts

that can endure much,

forgive much, grace much.

Hearts that can speak and sigh

Hearts that can heave and howl

Hearts that may grieve and grow

Hearts that sink and soar

Hearts that long and yearn

Hearts that leap and learn

Hearts that race and rest

Hearts that beat and burst

Hearts that can open and overflow

Your heart-gifts to us are many.


But in your wisdom

you have not given us

invincible hearts

infinite hearts

immortal hearts

insurable hearts.

Our hearts, mercifully

hurt and ache

fail and break

our hearts know limits and borders

hearts hear pretense

hearts sense awry

hearts smell a rat

hearts cry mercy

hearts call time

hearts feel the cold.

shiver the chill

reach to close the door.


O God,

Our hearts are but human

and though divine love be boundless

our hearts hit the wall

our hearts stumble and fall

Though Your love pours out freely

from everlasting to everlasting

Our hearts run dry

and as from dust we came,

so our hearts return to dust.


And yet, yet, still, again…

You gently blow upon this crumbled crusted earth pile

and the merest moisture in your divine loving exhalation

falls in gentlest droplet

the finest mist settles upon us

and soaks in

and tiny fragments hold together

glued by the globules of God

and life again in grace is stirred

and in a love not our own;

love and life returns

rising a muddy mess

but a beating animated heart

buds again in new creation,

barely recognisable – no matter

barely alive – no matter

wholly loved

and – miracle –

loving another time.



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