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Twists and Turns -Creation Stories

March 8, 2017

The Bible has stories,
Some big some small,
Stories tangled together
With a thread through them all

They don’t all explain things
In quite the same way
So there’s room for some ques􏰉tions
And there’s room for some play

They’re good to hear twice On the very same day
And then come back for more A􏰊fter going away.

I’d tell you one now
But that will not do
If I tell you one story
I will have to tell two

Because right at the start as the Bible gets going
We straight away see that it’s strange way of knowing

Declares God too great to be simply defined
In one quick sketch leaving ques􏰉tions behind
But in more than two stories, each with details specific
Told in songs, tales and poems – the Bible’s prolific

You can’t just take one bit and think you know all
The whole truth about God is a mighty big call

The First Story begins with some calendar days
And God’s Voice speaks and makes things in wonderful ways

First the light, then the waters and seasons and land
Plants and animals sprout and then woman with man
So everything happens at the sound of God’s speech
And it happens in order, with a neat place for each

But look, turn the page to see Story Two
And spot all the differences – there’s quite a few

God’s sleeves are rolled up and he’s playing with mud
God makes first a garden and a man – flesh and blood
God makes animal friends for the man to name
But none of the animals are just quite the same

So God, with his own hands, s􏰉till messy and muddy
Makes a woman, a sister, a life-long best buddy

What wonderful stories when taken in tandem
Show a God who can speak and whose ways are not random

And that God is with us in muck and in mess
And his purpose for us is to love, work and bless

God’s world works together in ways we can trust
But he asks us to help and take care of the dust
And the water and air and animals and plants
And God’s working with us, so it’s not left􏰊 to chance.

Two stories together twis􏰉ting round one another
Show us more about God and more of each other
Watch the twists of these stories as you follow along
And see this is God’s world, and it’s where we belong

(All- Age Story from Beth Barnett, Twists and Turns, SU Vic, 2012)