Prayers to a Living God

December 16, 2016

neighbour-fireDear God,

help us to stop thinking about you

and start thinking like you.

Please give us the mind of Christ.

Dear God,

help us to stop trying to learn about you

and to start loving you.

Please give us a heart after your own.

Let us not reduce you to

words and thoughts,

ideas and notions,

concepts and abstractions only.

Dear God,

please help us to use

every sense and skill,

fire-2intuition and instinct,

every art and articulation,

reason and reflex

in discovery of you.

Lead us in the humility

and forgive us in the inadequacy

of them all.

Dear God,

help us not to pile up

our individual religious knowledge

into our heads,

but to build up

each other

into the body of Christ.

Let us Hold fast to you,

and yet so give ourselves away to others.

Let our faith-giving be so generous,fire-3

and our faith-sharing so fearless.

Spirit of the Living God,

help us to remember that you are more alive than we are.

Beside you we are but dead ones walking,

decaying flesh, and fragmenting souls.

You, defeater of death,

are infinitely more alive than we.

Let us respond to you as one so alive.

Let us never speak of you as if you were

static or stuck,

limp or lifeless,

inert or inanimate.

Let us speak only of you truly:fire-sunset

with the passion of a lover,

or the sheer enthusiasm of a child

and let us live only with you

in the intimate immanence of both.


*Images: McCrae. Neighbour contemplating the burning debris from his day’s work renovating; Foreshore sunset

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