Time after Time

November 8, 2016

now clockLoving God, time after time after time:
Beyond counting and measure, and beyond worthiness or reasoning

Time after time after time you seek us out, you chase us down, you call us back, you welcome us home, you invite us in.

And then with home well held in our hearts,  you send us out to adventure, again.

So your passion for us crashes over us like glorious waves of salty surf, stinging our senses with exhilarating freshness, energy and power that drenches us breathless.

You lift us up, you pull the ground from beneath us, you move us in your current. Not feeling entirely safe, and despite our nervous flailing, we are grinning- eyes wide open, heads thrown back in sheer joy.

A recalcitrant immersive baptism, that nearly drowns, and leaves us gulping in the air of life with renewed love and desperation. You make us breathe more deeply than we can stand, lungs extended to bursting.

What are we doing – splashing and surfing, when we are so tired, so pressured, so anxious, with so many demands and expectations, so vulnerable to eventualities unknown?

It seems folly, but it is you who call us in. You who dares us brave the tides, take the plunge and ride the waves.

The waves that return, time after time after time.

The Breath that is given, time and time and time.

Water and Breath : Double Signs of your abundant Spirit of Life, that assails us with wild and boundless grace, unmeasurable as the sea, and unaccountable as air.

Way out beyond worthiness or reason, yet within Grace and Truth.

Time after time after time,


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