Iron to iron; face to face

October 24, 2016

Iron sharpens iron
so we’re sharper than before
but deep the cuts have left
our spills of blood upon the floor
though iron sharpens iron
might we lay our weapons down?
or beat them into ploughshares
and work some common ground?

True, iron sharpens iron,
but might we live beyond the blade?
And would I give up my armour
that I’ve worn through blasts and raids

for death is never satisfied
the eye is never quenched
the tears are full to brimming
and the fist is fully clenched

the crucible for silver
the furnace is for gold
the vanity and violence scorches
how our story’s told

the metal polished mirror
the glint of flashing steel
only  bounces back distortions
and our selves are not revealed

for love is no contest
no defense of iron is needed
love cannot be won or earned
nor conquered,  nor defeated

Love’s time will bring whole  knowing
in being – face to face
unshielded, clear reflected
Love’s open heart of grace

after Proverbs 27:17-21; 1 Cor 13

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