September 21, 2016

The Blowholes, Cape Bridgewater.

let us know our coastlines

the rough reaches of our cliffs

the sharp outcrops and salty scrub

and the crumbling edges of our soft sandy selves


let us examine our tides

the ebb and surge of living

let us listen for the roaring rhythms

and crashing cadence

and observe the high water marks and debris

gifts of moments gone


let us heed the streams of tears and loves

that gather in our heights

and make their winding way down

carving the courses of caring and craving

through our souls

to our valleys 

finding their fill and flow

released and met with the wide welcome of the ocean

a watery endlessness of embrace


let us survey our shores

sketching the enduring enigma

where our selves disappear


and yet ever emerging in the eddys

washed with waves of hope

that break in grace 

in droplet upon grain

spanning rock and cliff and sand and shore

reshaping, renewing, reconciling

in infinite terrible tender power


let us know and love our liminal lives

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