when you can’t

August 12, 2016



God of the room with no windows

God of the walls closing in

God of the doors that won’t let you out

With no handles to let life back in

God of the roof caving slowly

God of the cold stone floor

God of the echo of empty

God of the not anymore


When you can’t see

When you can’t feel

When everything you’ve ever known

Isn’t real


When you can’t think

When you can’t love

When the sky is falling in from above


When you can’t cry

When you can’t pray

When all that you think is fog of gray


When you can’t do

When you can’t try

When all that you’ve done leaves you just wondering why?


When you can’t trust

When you can’t care

When even the self that you knew isn’t there


God in the nothing

God in the black hole

God in the abyss

That you call your soul


God in the pit

God in the shame

God in the shit

that has no name


God in it all

In it all, God

No ending or answer

but here I am.


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