If you’ve ever been dead

March 25, 2016





If you’ve ever been dead

then you’ll know what I mean

in the dirt and the worms

how it’s hard to keep clean


If you’ve ever been killed

then you’ll know how the quiet

is hollow and dreadful

yet feels loud as a riot


If you’ve ever been slaughtered

you know it’s not pretty

face down in the dump

outside of the city


If you’ve ever been pierced

by a thorn or a sword

or the thousand small cuts

of the well meaning word


If you’ve ever been slain

by benevolent power

by the armies of time

by small turns of the hour…


Though, was it the state?

or the mob crying loud?

or the church? or the kiss

of your friend in the crowd?


was it your words?

or was it your deeds?

was it just that the grain

grows alongside the weeds?


was  it just the plain bloodlust

of men bent to kill?

or was it your faith?

or was it God’s will?


was is just wanton?

was it a waste?

was it a sacrifice?

was it  disgrace?


was it a debt ?

was it the doubt?

was it  inevitable

time would run out?


if you’ve ever been dead

you’ll have seen the mark

of blood where God lay

in the dead of the dark

You’ll know that he’s been there

laid out on slab stone

with faith all in shreds

and hope bare as a bone


If you’ve ever been dead

you’ll know this strange thing

in death there is neither

criminal or king


In death only God,

only love with such  strength

just love of such holy

depth height breadth and length

if you’ve ever been dead

then you’ll know theres a crack

in the cosmos

where God’s love breaks death

and comes back.



One comment

  1. Thank you for this. There is so much death, talk of death, fear of death. Brussels, Pakistan, the list goes on. You capture the thought of death and make it something different: another avenue to see the truth, to experience God’s love. You reframe both death and resurrection in a very powerful way. Thank you!

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