Learning from the wisdom and wounds of refugee children

November 2, 2015

More images by Magnus Wennman of where refugee children sleep

This generation of refugee children will grow up and be our neighbours, locally and globally.
What can we expect of them?
What kind of world might they help to make, from the deep wisdom, or the deep wounds such a childhood will bequeath them?
For the world is made
not just by those who have offices of power

or armies of aggression

or embargoes of control,

by those who turn up.
The world is made from all of us together.

And here we all are.
Here are all these children.
What does a child lying in the woods dream of?
What of the child whose pillow is a backpack?
Can their dreams be a gift to a world
that is running out of ideas
for how to keep the divisions of privilege secure?
The worldly-wise children, the well-travelled children, the ‘where are we mummy?’ children, the war-survivor children.
Are they to be threats? opponents? enemies? problems?
Or a resource for us in learning to live
in ways we have not thought we had the courage to try.

Will they teach us, by learning to live with them, to learn to live without some of our maladies?

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