Love your neighbour.

October 30, 2015

‘Love your neighbour’

if you were presuming that to be mere altruism
then, no wonder
it seems insufficient
for the present hour.

But did you not read
the fine print
and the worked examples
and the terms and conditions?

Did you not read the law and the prophets, the gospels and the apostles’ writings?

How did you not know that
‘Love your Neighbour’
is anything but sentiment.
Love your Neighbour is
– honestly –

Love your neighbour

it will weaken ourselves

it will change us
it will take away our so-called privileges
it will accelerate our downward mobility
it will mean – yes – simplifying lifestyles
it will mean – yes – not gratifying all our gross desires
it will mean – yes – not holding the upper hand
it will mean – yes – not being the dominant divas and fat controllers of our own indulgent day dreams.

Love your neighbour –
it’s not a sentiment
or a suggestion
or a slogan
or a campaign promise
fragile and easily broken
it’s not for the faint of heart
or the flabby ego

it’s for tough-mudders
it’s for sweat-it-outers
it’s for take-life-on-the-chinners
it’s for ‘I-am-not-the-messiahs’

it is indeed an exacting ideal
it’s a dare to grow a pair
it’s a challenge
God help us,
it’s a command.

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