A Prayer for World Mental Health Day

October 9, 2015

da Vinci, 1489

God of every mind, 

Hold us in grace and truth.
Save us from demonising mental illness
Save us from deifying it
Save us stigmatising it
Save us from celebritising it
Save us from minimising it
Save us from magnifying it
Save us from thinking it something uncommon and exceptional
Save us from thinking it an inescapable prison
Save us from over-medicalising it
Save us from over-spiritualising it
Save us from ignoring our chemistry
and using prayer as a substitute drug.
Save us from depending on chemicals alone
and neglecting the providence of conversation, love, activity, community and prayer
Save us from denial that it is part of all of us
Save us from taking it as our identity
Save us from lazy, loveless labelling
Save us from cheap caricatures of the fool, the creative, the insane, the manic, the depressive, the demented.
Save us from underestimating its impact
Save us from over estimating its power
Save us from equating a healthy mind with humanness
and rationality with humanity
Save us from excluding you from our madness
Save us from making madness our God in place of you

We pray for our minds,
which like our lungs, our legs,
our throats and our thumbs
get bumped and scratched,
bruised and infected,
diseased and distressed.
Let us take care
Take care with our own minds
take care with each other

We confess that all of us think wrongly, are of wrongful mind
And yet you call us all to love you with our minds
Let our trust be
not our sanity, intelligence, composure or disposition
but in your faithfulness. Amen

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