A Cosmic Bait and Switch

January 13, 2015
I am naive, but not innocent

I am naive, but not innocent

A Christian Confession

I confess, as a sinner in search of righteousness,
I became a follower of Jesus,

but that son-of-a-virgin’s shame
turned out a
dirty foot-washer
liberal no-stone caster
home-town reject
enemy fraterniser

and so, although, thinking I might have bettered myself,
in a cosmic bait and switch
I find he’s led me lower and lower
and called me further and further away
from the moral high-ground

can it be that way down here
salvation might be found?

One comment

  1. I have long been fascinated by Bill Hybels’ (?) title “Descending into Greatness”. What is this lowness? Today for me it feels like descending into your True Self, away from ego and artifice, where Christ may also be found in deepest communion with us, or rather we ‘in Him’. There out of our true selves shines the glimpse of the Divine that is greatness.

    So, away from the moral high ground: might this mean instead ‘towards our shared humanity and interlinked consciousness’? Walt Whitman writes lucidly about our connectedness, which I find inspiring.

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