December 17, 2014


The sound of marching
crunches out
along the via media
like hobs on a roman road
as each the left and the right 
puts their foot down
in turn

left -right- left -right- left -right- left -right-

left – the problem is bail process
right – the problem is islamic nationalism
left – the problem is individual extremism
right – the problem is immigration policy
left – the problem is violent ideologies
right – the problem is gun control
left – the problem is insufficient foreign aid
right – the problem is mental illness
left – the problem is military compliance with the US
right – the problem is the ‪#‎hashtagtivists‬
left – the problem is the media mishandling hysterical hype
right – the problem is religious tolerance
left – the problem is LGBTI prejudice
right – the problem is them
left – the problem is you
right – the problem
left – the problem

left – right – left – right – left – right

where are we marching?
marching to war?
against whom?
Left Right

One comment

  1. Brillinat, Beth. Just brilliant.

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