a liturgy for awful times

August 8, 2014


the last thing a Christian can do
is look across
at the violence of others
and say
‘terrible, unthinkable!
we’d never do that’
‘there, but for the grace of God go I’

we have a blood-red ledger
there we did go
and the grace of God did not
prevent us from slaughter

We shelled their cities, we gassed their ghettos, we napalmed their villages
we drove their children off a cliff, we burnt their men
we hanged their witch-girls, we blasted their boys, we skewered their women
we buried them in the sand to their necks and kicked them to death

everywhere and in every place
that Christians have gone
we have ridden in on violence

we did it wantonly, we did it deliberately
we did it randomly, we did it vindictively
we did it mindlessly, we did it strategically
we did it biblically

we cannot claim to not comprehend violence
shall we stay silent in shame?
we dare not stay silent in judgement.
let the blood on our hands cry out and condemn us first

let our prayers for the world begin with confession…

One comment

  1. […] read widely in feminist literature, from Nancy Pentecross right through to The Wife of Tim Keller and I am 94% sure that this is an accurate […]

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