Resurrection Beauty

April 22, 2014


all beauty breaks forth

breaks the force of containment

contains the force of life

and bursts out in brilliance

at first light

at first too bright,

too beautiful

for our eyes

our brains cannot bear it

neither beauty nor the truth

the empty case

is all we see

as we but blink and stare

we cannot see

at first what is –

we don’t see

our eyes fall upon it

not as what it is in reality

in beauty

but only as

not what we expected

in negativity

how prone we are

to see less than

what is real

the young man prophesies

‘you will not see beauty here’

go to your homes,

to your beaches

in your labours

to your towns

in your isolation

to your roads

in your conversation

to your hiding places

in your fear

to your tables

in your breaking bread

and there

all beauty will break forth

will break the force of your containment

containing the force of life

pouring forth upon you

and pouring you out

back out on to the road

out of the boat

out to the mountains

out of your doubt

all beauty breaking forth

in resurrection returns

bidding you look again

bidding you see

not the shadow, the chasm,

the cave, the cove

but he


in your ordinary

beauty defined in love

verified by wounds

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