Poems from the Cave III

September 3, 2013

Do not mistake my passion for courage

Nor my love for rightness

I cannot be right about the world, I cannot be sure at all,

But neither can I resist loving it anyway

– when i sense so deeply that it is originally and essentially of God.

Even if I am wrong about this,

which I cannot know, nor can you,

if i sense something is of God,

dare i not love it?

This passion stands not on confidence,

 nor even on conviction

And especially it does not make me brave,

though how i wish it did.

It leaves me

fragile but compelled to care

vulnerable but driven to love

broken but unflinching in devotion

It redeems and yet rends me

barely able to breathe

twitching my toes on the bridge of insanity

and with words and language left behind

several miles back

at the last stop.

Yet it calls and carries me

and is enough


to heal

to feed

to nourish

to reeconcile

to embrace

to sustain

to revive

to enchant

to delight

to inspire

to overflow

to fuel

faith without seeing

grace without guarding

love without knowing.

So don’t mistake

this passion for courage

or love for rightness


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