July 29, 2013

We often act
as if
Respect is only possible
if our best foot is forward
and our flaws invisible

As if respect must balance
on the thin wire
of scant, but virtuous

Not so! Not agreed!

Faults and imperfections
fragilities and vulnerabilities
are as glaring asImageintelligence, talent,
beauty & passion.

Respect stands, yes!
On floors of flaws.
Yet is also sure footed
in the shoes of integrity
and tangoes
Cheek to cheek
Hip to hip
Step to step
In proximity to personhood.


honouring how a life

moves to the complex countpoints:

Within the gracious
arc of phrase
the syncopations of imperfection.


  1. This is beautiful Beth. These words are timely for me because yesterday was a day when, despite my best intentions, I fear I did not put my best foot forward. I awoke worried about whether I would still be respected to the same extent.
    As I read your insights, I was reminded of a Brooke Fraser song named “Who are we fooling” that has this to say:
    “We tried and tried to loosen the knots
    Thinking once we’re untangled we’ll be better off
    But it’s these failures and faults that hold us together …
    This beautiful tangle that’s bruising us blue
    Is the beautiful knot that we just can’t undo”

    • Always a good day that I hear from such a slightly flawed and greatly respected friend as you, John.

  2. Thanks for the sharing words that we so often need to respond in the dance off with the voices of spotless, blameless perfection. Rather than being repelled by the vulnerability and fragility around us, may we find love and life in its midst.

  3. Cathy, I’m so grateful for our shared stories of love and life in the midst of the seasons of fragility. Who would think it of us all living broken together – and somehow being healed.
    May both our homes (still) be filled with imperfect dancing…

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