when we die we are all children

October 7, 2012


when we die

we are all children

in that moment of vulnerability

we are revealed again

as weak and defenseless


our armour

whatever kind it may have been

penetrated falls off

and we are raw skinned

our breath evaporates

and we are once again as we were

before our first cry and gasp

unable to hold up our own head

we may even find ourselves in death

submerged in water or covered in blood

the baptisms of birth and death so strangely alike

we all die as children

even on the battlefield

no one dies a man

no homo erectus

each one we have seen

crumpled like a fetus

each one, for pity’s sake

 like a child

is a child

each one

now in death

agelessly young

years all evaporated

and condensed

in the tears of their

mother’s precipitous eyes

the enemy dies a child

the victim dies a child

the saviour dies a child

when we die we are all children

One comment

  1. Painfully real and beautiful. I would be honored if you could read my poems and prose @ http://medicatedwordzallowed.wordpress.com

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