to mark the passing of a fellow traveller

June 12, 2012

The end of my tether, the end of my rope

The end of my will, the end of my hope

The end of  my voice, the end of my shout

The end of my faith, the end of my doubt

The end of resolve, the end of reserves

The end of resilience, the end of my nerves

The end of my night, the end of my tears

The end of my fight, the end of my years

The end of my spirit, the end of my breath

The end of my pain, the end of my death

The end of my us, the end of our we

The end of my you, the end of your me

The end of my loss, the end of my fall

The end of my dark, the end of it all


J – I bet you thought no one else ever felt like this…

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