Pentecost Prayers

June 5, 2012

Loving God, Your Spirit teaches
and helps us to pray, even when
we don’t know how.
Holy Spirit,
please come as we pray
for our world and ourselves.

(verse 1)

Lord of all,
Give us faith for what
we cannot see.
Give us faith in you as our redeemer and restorer.
We offer our weaknesses and failures, our frustrations and our worries to you

Deal with us graciously but mightily;
mercifully but thoroughly
so that we may be released from sin
and healed from disease,
dysfunction or disobedience.
Set us free to serve without reserve.

(verse 2)

Our Great God,
We pray kindness
to the greatest and the least.
We pray for the so called
“greatest” –
those who hold positions
or pretensions of power
in the world.

We pray for a revelation of justice.
For thinking and decision-making
of compassion and sound judgement.
In places where economics or violence are dominating and manipulating
we pray for your truth and power to overcome and set things to right.

May your Spirit burn within us
with compassion.
May your Spirit release in us
gifts and power
to serve and sacrifice
We pray for the least,
the unnoticed,
the unaccounted for in our world.
The hungry, the sick,
the persecuted and the exploited.

(verse 3)

By your Spirit
we lift up our prayers for others
whose burdens weigh heavy
on our hearts.
And we name them silently now…

Holy Spirit,
Release our mouths to speak
the good news to all around.
Surprise us with your
emboldening presence.
Take us beyond our borders
with your offer of grace
and forgiveness,
So that all may come
to know Jesus – who is Lord and reconciler, all in all.

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