Continuing a little series reflecting on the writings of CS Lewis – Screwtape

June 4, 2012


Among all the Demons, you have made me your project,

your favourite – Oh Demon named Rejection

“Leaver her untouched!” you have declared

Encircling me with insidious protection.

She shall not know you, Demon Security, Devil Satisfaction, Sprite of Vanity,

though you shall have your corner share, esteemed my colleague Lord Insanity.

Self-rightousness, begone,

Faithlessness she is not yours,

but mine to quarry

Alone I claim her mine to worry

I shall retell her every tale,

And should her memory fail

I shall retouch the sublte hew

And with Rejection past renew


Rejection, sir I see the quirk

of my undoing

Is your work

I see your labour, thorough strain

Rejection time and time again

Your industry doth persevere,

From infancy to middle year

Never once would you abandon post,

But lavish attention on me the most.

No event, no utterance, no friend

no allegiance, bond or task

Withstands your unnerving judgment

You answer all before I ask:

This will be brilliant, this will fly,

This will change the world,” you cry

But breathly whisper twixt each phrase:

“That deathly be the price she pays

spitting out,

leaving be,

lonely corner

hangman’s tree

never-fitting, sans affection”

You win your point, Oh dark Rejection.

One comment

  1. Of all the people I know you may be the one the world needs the most right now. Demon begone!

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