Secret agents of Change

August 21, 2010

Today millions of Australians, including me, are being secret agents of change. Many, by voting in a federal election that may bring a change of government, or alternatively, ratify our first female prime-minister as an elected officer by the poeple, not just installed thorugh party machinations.
My 12 year old son is also being a secret agent of change, along with many others. He is going with food for the World Vision 40hour Famine. He will likely never know how the money he raises particularly changes the world. And no one will really know the precise impact that their particular combination on the ballot sheets will make. But this is good. We are called to live lives of faith – not just in the notion of God, but in the actions of humans, made in God’s image. That is an enormous act of faith., perhaps one of greater faith than believing in God. THe Hebrew Bible speaks of the heavens declaring the Glory of God, and the wonder of his works displayed in the universe. Not so subtle, the Psalmist suggests. What is awesome about God is self evident, at least to the psalmist. But not so for us. As secret agents of change, who can tell what I have done today and you have done today? Nevertheless, we live together in faith. Trusting the outcome of our actions, and the outcome of each other’s choices, while the secrets of our real power and failures remain under the cone of silence. More inscrutable than than the stars, or the depths of the ocean.

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