Blue and Green

June 2, 2009

The last post invited us to wear  de Bono’s thinking hats as we read the Bible. We allowed – in fact encouraged and facilitated people to think, respond and process things in different ways. We enjoyed the strength of each person’s courage. honesty and directness in saying what they thought.

But I am still wondering whether there is anything to learn from the hats we didn’t wear – the Green (anything goes, expressive creativity) and the blue (thinking about the process of thinking). I wonder if these represent two edges of difficulty – perhaps two dimensions of theology that we most lack in our communities and recent histories of faithing? How much do we need the creative expressive maybe’s and what if’s. And also the strategists who can plan out thinking, take us forward on an intentioned journey – not controlling our response – but offering leadership? No poems and no visions make for a sad and sorry village. blue green


  1. In many languages, the word for blue and green are the same, kind of like a concept of ‘grue’. Welsh is one such language. The interesting thing about this is that when asked to point out a ‘stereotypical ‘grue”, the colours chosen are either our stereotypical blue or our stereotypical green.

    While I like the idea of the separate hats as a tool for understanding our thinking, for me it’s also important to see the whole. For me there are no visions without a willingness to accept that anything goes, or might ‘go’…well no visions that look beyond the here and now anyway.

    I struggle with believing the ‘anything’ of anything goes, so I often don’t feel comfortable lettings things out. I read bits of the bible and think, “oh, i wonder if…”. But I choose which of these wonderings to share.

    Poetry and Visions… Let me have a think for a while.

    • thinking time is definitely available – and what a precious thing it is. One of the treasures of reading the bible as such an ancient text is that it allows thinking time. Blessed be your contemplations.

  2. I did some thinking and feeling, and put a response in the previous post.

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