May 8, 2009

G’day, Hello, Hi, How’s it going? Wie gehts?

There are heaps of ways we can say the same thing. And somehow we can be the richer, the wiser, the stronger for having heard it many ways. That’s what this blog is for. For hearing many voices and many ideas –  hopefully from many ages and places, histories and traditions, angles and  experiences. All will be valued. So be invited and beware! Be invited to  post your comments and know that they will be welcomed and cherished, but beware that this is not a place to convince anyone else or to shut down anyone elses voice.

I am particularly hoping that both the old and the young will have courage to tell their stories and say what they are thinking. What a life-giving thing it is to have a voice, to discover by verbalising what you are wondering and what you may even be believing.

Before I sign off this first post, I must declare that this is a space that exists in the universe that is lovingly made, tended and inhabited by a God who I have come to glimpse in the story of Jesus. As we offer our many voices, may his voice become clear among us.



  1. As I read the introduction to this blog I am excited at the thought that a safe place may be exist to share the things of life. I am also awed by the magnitude of responsibility we have to each other as fellow human beings … to love, cherish, encourage…not to judge but to bring life…

    May it be so.

  2. hello! i just wanted to say that that is really cool and i hope that lots of people say more stuff.

    Elmo say “bye bye”

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